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Fundra is nonprofit fundraising software that offers with a transparent and accountable fundraising application designed to help nonprofits increase donations by building trust with donors. The platform enables donors to track all the nonprofits they’ve supported, see how those organizations are keeping up on their expenses, and stay on top of eligible tax deductions.

Arreva Exceed! Premier

Exceed! Premier is nonprofit donor management software that compiles all of an institution’s donor and campaign data into a single, robust donor relationship management system. The platform facilitates multi-tasking by segmenting and managing data based on each user or organization’s requirements or workflows, and is built with a tabular interface that enables users to work in multiple workspaces within a single window.

Synergy Development Systems eDenari

eDenari is a nonprofit donor management software solution that is designed for virtually any type of nonprofit. The program can store an unlimited number of donor profiles and customize each profile’s fields based on users’ needs.

Agilon One

Agilon One is donor management and CRM software equipped with multiple tool sets designed to assist with leadership and governance, development, donor and alumni relations, and advancement services. The platform is equipped with a fully-integrated email system, enables users to manage and handle large numbers of donors, and capture and utilizes donor name preferences, addresses, and communication channels.

7 Must-Have Features for a Nonprofit Donor Management Solution

Nonprofits benefit greatly with the implementation of donor management (fundraising) software. Today’s solutions are mostly cloud-based, allowing users to access critical information from the office, home or even on the train using mobile applications. When shopping for a donor management platform, be sure that only comprehensive, intuitive and powerful solutions make it to your shortlist. No team member in an organization, especially a nonprofit, has time to manage clunky, outdated or lackluster software.

FrontStream FirstGiving

FirstGiving is fundraising software designed for both individual fundraising events as well as nonprofits of all sizes, and is built to enable users to organize individual donors into a network of fundraisers through online fundraising webpages. The platform enables users to create branded fundraising pages, as well as allows supports to create personal fundraising pages to support organization causes.

Network for Good Donor Management

Network for Good Donor Management is an online fundraising software solution that helps nonprofit organizations build secure donation pages that inspire giving. The donation pages display on both mobile and desktop devices.

Trail Blazer Non-Profit Manager

Trail Blazer Non-Profit Manager streamlines all processes that go into managing donor lifecycles. At the start, the program’s CRM tools let users track all their finances and donor interactions. Users can pull up donors by individual searchable details, and also set an unlimited number of detail fields.

From the Community: Main Criteria for Comparing Nonprofit CRM?

It’s easy to slip into the assumption that nonprofit organizations exist on some kind of different plain of existence, business-wise. If you’re not out there to turn a profit you don’t really have a need for a lot of the software tools that for-profits use, right? Even nonprofits need to not just control expenses, but collect, organize and pursue leads to convert into donors or grant givers.


Andar/360 is a comprehensive nonprofit donor management and social CRM software system designed to run on either a standalone PC, or in a client/server network environment depending on the user’s workflows and business processes. The network can be as small as a two-client local area network or as large as desired.