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Qualio is healthcare-focused quality and compliance management software built to help companies reach FDA, ISO and GxP compliance, and is equipped with a variety of functionalities including document control, training tools, CAPAs, NCRs, audit management, supplier management, and compliant management within the same system. The platform automatically processes workflows such as notifying the appropriate users when a document is created or updated, tracks all activity within the system and can create audit logs, and provides access to expert partners through the system’s interface.

CompuGroup Medical CGM CLINICAL PM/EHR

CGM CLINICAL PM/EHR is practice management and electronic health record management software that supports clinical, financial and administrative workflows. The platform assists users with managing patient documentation, health records, reports, billing information and scheduling processes.

PDS MDsuite

PDS MDsuite is an EHR and PM software suite designed to catch all charges insurance companies will reimburse, provides access to full patient histories, and is equipped to move patients through the full visit cycle from check-in to exam and through check-out. The suite allows users to edit and add photos and documents to patient charts, create cover letters and messages to referring doctors, and generate any required forms on the fly.

Therapy Partner

Therapy Partner is practice management software specifically designed to assist therapists, counselors, social workers, psychologists and psychiatrists in their day-to-day business processes. The software allows users to streamline tasks such as scheduling, billing and therapy notes through a complete host of practice management tools.

5 All-in-One EMR and Practice Management Systems to Consider

Many medical offices have yet to fully harness the software technologies available due to cost, the hassles of transferring data and difficult-to-implement systems. Luckily, many of today’s leading medical software platforms offer easy-to-install cloud and web-based solutions for all-in-one EMR and practice management.

Medical Software 101: An Infographic on the Benefits of Practice Management

Check out the featured infographic to discover the difference between a patient’s experience when visiting a software-friendly office and a patient’s experience when visiting an office that relies on old-fashioned methods. Below you’ll find outlined the streamlined process that a medical software platform offers, and how your company can reap the benefits of practice management software.

iTech Workshop expEDIum Medical Billing Software

expEDIum Medical Billing Software is medical billing and practice management software designed to manage practices, and automate medical billing and claims processing workflows. The platform is HIPAA compliant, supports CMS-1500 and UB-40 claims, and is ICD-10 codes ready.

– Greenway Health Intergy Practice Management

Greenway Health Intergy Practice Management is a practice management software solution that can help practices streamline their front and back office operations. At the start of the patient visit lifecycle, the program can assist users with scheduling by identifying open dates and logging down patients’ choices.


EZClaim is a practice management software solution that provides users with tools for medical billing and appointment scheduling. At the start of the appointment lifecycle, users can search for open calendar time slots, add patients to wait lists and track all daily visits. Once an appointment ends, the program can convert it into a claim and start the billing process.

5 Practice Management Software Options to Boost Profits

Previously cumbersome practice management (PM) solutions have gone the way of the paper prescription pad and have been replaced with cleaner, more intuitive and powerful options. The practice management software options listed below aide in scheduling, claims management, reporting and even collections — saving providers and administrators a plethora of time, and arguably just as important, money.