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4 Features of Restaurant Management Software to Spice Up Your Business

Whether you are still deciding to invest in restaurant management software or are researching defining functions, here are (in no particular order) four features of restaurant management software that help streamline business operations.


CaterPro is a hospitality management software solution that takes care of all catering operations at hotel guest events. The platform allows users to set up menu items, view all inventory levels and assign prices to the different menu options, and the program can then schedule events on a calendar, maintain worker schedules and verify availabilities for event spaces.

Jinisys Software Kitchen Order Routing

Kitchen Order Routing is a restaurant management software solution that works with Resto Plus to provide more comprehensive functionality for kitchen order routing. Each time a new order is put into the program, the order is automatically routed to a kitchen workstation.

Cypress Hospitality Group FobeSoft

FobeSoft is restaurant management software solution developed specifically for restaurants to promote fiscal responsibility with measurable results. The platform allows users to generate a daily profit and loss while pinpointing areas of opportunity to help businesses run a more profitable restaurant.

SPRL Architectura 4ASoft Resto

4ASoft Resto is a complete restaurant management software package designed for Mac and Windows. A special iPad POS module allows users to use iPad as wireless compact touch-screen to choose dishes and wines for clients.