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Technology Isn’t Killing Brick-and-Mortar Stores

As time moves on, so does technology, and the rest of the world must keep up. Many times, progression means […]

SBI Platform

The SBI Platform is fully integrated business process management, inventory and retail management software that provides companies with a customized solution that is user-friendly, Excel-like and easily adaptable. The platform is designed to solve real supplier and merchandiser problems no matter how specialized the issue, works on any device such as phones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers, and enables users to self-manage their company, users and apps.

Web Masters Tech Ari Retail Management Software

Ari is an integrated retail management software that has an integrated point-of-sale functionality for retailers designed to help businesses keep on top of their businesses. Whether it is a legacy system with standalone computers or modern POS systems, the platform can integrate with centralized and disparate systems, is built with the backbone of .NET at its core and a fluid SQL database for support, and can transform multi-store operations into a profitable business.

StarApps Software Sumtracker

Sumtracker is an easy to use cloud-based order and inventory management software that offers multi-location support so users can track products across multiple warehouses, including every physical movement of the product and transferring stock from one warehouse to the other. The platform assists companies with restocking processes and helps protect against over-stocking through inventory notifications, provides special features for fabric inventory to keep track of fabric length and roll count, and is equipped to track any attribute custom to the user’s business such as color, size, brand, or category.

Mi9 Retail Point-of-Sale

Mi9 Retail Point-of-Sale is point-of-sale software that provides retail companies with a store operations software solution that include POS, clienteling, order management and inventory management. The platform is device agnostic, enabling retailers to process transactions from physical tills as well as mobile devices, and is built to work as a centralized store operation system, so that companies remain up-to-date in real-time and to ensure that all data is synchronized and accurate.


Repsly is sales enablement software designed to increase sales, improve brand visibility, support retail-focused workflows, collect and organize data, and to build accountability. The platform is mobile accessible so that sales teams can access the system from the field, organizes all sales team activities for better pipeline visibility, and provides access to forms and audits companies can use to assess how their brand is being represented.


Jibestream is asset management software that specializes in merging the location dimension into enterprise solutions for real-time visual intelligence. The platform provides users with a geospatial system that allows users to solve mission-critical problems by integrating business data with indoor maps, enables users to track and visualize asset and people locations and movements, and provides users with spatial business intelligence and insights on how space is being utilized.

Wootz Technologies LOOP

LOOP is field service management and ecommerce software that powers real-time mobile asset optimization and automation applications like on-demand last mile logistics (LML) operations and field-force automation (FFA) for enterprises. The platform performs end-to-end LML and FFA planning, optimization and management with key process automation, and can drastically cut transit and resource costs.


MyShopIQ is ecommerce and retail management software that provides users with several key inventory management modules that enables users to manage businesses both online and offline. The platform is built with and integrated billing functionality, enables users to create and customize online ecommerce stores, and provides users with an Android-based mobile app.


RetailFlux is retail analytics software that provides users with a complete set of retail analytic tools that utilize in-store cameras and video to create innovative visualizations. The platform tracks and evaluates marketing effectiveness, identifies ineffective store designs or product placement and facilitates the creation of optimized placement strategies, and identifies in-store shopper behaviors.