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Farmbots and Other Software Innovation with Arduino

If you are a tech fanatic, you must have heard about Arduino, the open source electronic board that helps you […]

– Hi.diplo

Hi.diplo is designed for developers and project managers that use git as a Source Code Management (SCM) tool. Thanks to this web service, which can be integrated into the main git hosting services (such as GitHub and BitBucket), developers have access to a single working area where they can manage the history of events relating to each and every development project.

In-Com Data Systems SMART TS XL

SMART TS XL is an application discovery software suite designed to analyze text assets, search code bases and provide insight into programs, both structured and unstructured information, change management resources, ticketing systems and documentation. The suite enables users to search, hyperlink and cross-reference data, as well as provides code complexity estimates.

Github Makes Source Code Management Easier

Every program you’re running on your computer right now, from your web browser to the operating system itself, was built on a foundation of source code, the language in which software communicates. Github transforms source code management.