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Farmbots and Other Software Innovation with Arduino

Farmbots and Other Software Innovation with Arduino

If you are a tech fanatic, you must have heard about Arduino, the open source electronic board that helps you design hardware and software based projects.

You can use micro controllers to manufacture advanced products. It’s open source status allows everyone to develop any project without copyright constraints. Arduino manufacturers have sold out almost 50,000 units approximately since its launch.

The manufacturers offer DIY kits through which you can develop an Arduino board. According to Fast Company, these tiny machines have a big future and with the help of available designs, you can develop almost any project.

The availability of different interfaces and adaptations and its open-source position in the tech marketplace makes Arduino a feasible choice for developers and innovators around the world. It also provides an Integrated Development Environment where you can code using C and C++ languages. You can utilize it to manufacture any project.


Farmbot, touted as a world first in open-source CNC farming, lets you establish and maintain your farm. The hardware can be preprogrammed to perform operations in a particular manner. You can specify plantation patterns, maintain plants throughout their lifetime or enable manual controls for required results. Farmers can utilize this tool for automation of tasks.

“The Already Enough”, is a prominent example of Arduino based projects that help you implement parental controls. The channel will automatically change, or it will go mute for half a minute as soon as a specified phrase is spoken. You can also utilize this project to get rid of listening to annoying celebrities.

Garage Door Opener

How about improvising your garage door opener with the help of an Arduino microprocessor board? You can develop a fingerprint scanner to enhance the security of your property.

No doubt it is a complex project, but the results are worth the efforts. You can also connect your smart phone with the door opener to operate it conveniently.

Wireless Weather Station and Energy Efficiency

You can develop a wireless weather station to view real-time weather information. You have to use sensors so that it can digitally represent various types of information such as temperature, humidity, pressure, wind, rain and ultraviolet index. You can also add the representation of exact date and time at which the weather station has recorded the data.

You can build a smart real-time energy monitoring device using Arduino IDE. The system can work with all energy resources including solar panels and wind turbines.

You can also add a digital interface to display information or establish a secure connection with your PC. It helps you evaluate the energy consumption of electrical devices installed in your house.

Motion Triggers and Air Quality Control

Turning the lights on is a difficult task when you wake up at midnight, but you can avoid running into things by installing LED lights that automatically turn on upon sensing motion. The Arduino board with sensors activates night bulbs as soon as you get down from your bed. No one wants to live in a polluted environment.

Why not develop a project for live monitoring of air quality to take suitable actions as and when needed? You can use the open source hardware design and gas detector to identify any pollution in the air.

Using a simple, single board microcontroller, Arduino is capable of an array of applications, interactive devices and adaptive devices. The board is built around an 8-bit microcontroller (orm a 31=32-bit ARM). It’s open-source and current models include a USB interface, analog input and the ability to attach extra boards.

Arduino was created to allow hobby tech enthusiasts to create applications that include sensors, motors and other simplified technology. That said, Arduino is also being used by students and tech professionals to produce some fascinating new and innovative systems.

From Farmbots to fingerprint scanners, as well as programmable software applications using C and C++, Arduino is well positioned for the future tech economy.

Photo courtesy of Pexels user Pixabay.

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