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Work 365

Work 365 is a Customer Experience Platform built for Microsoft CSP Partners, and enables companies to scale and grow their cloud business. The platform is built on Dynamics 365, helps companies to deliver exceptional customer service, increase profit margins, and streamline accounting and sales, and provides users with self service tools including self service portals, billing histories, service provision and management, and order histories.

FastSpring Subscriptions

FastSpring Subscriptions is subscription and recurring billing management software, and is designed to support the full subscription lifecycle from acquisition to renewal. The platform provides users with multiple billing models, payment gateways and payment options, is equipped with automated customer correspondence functionality, and allows users to implement flexible pricing options.


Pike13 is CRM software designed specifically to support businesses that focus on recurring services, automated payment processes, scheduling and client management. The platform is a mobile solution that enables users to manage client and customer check-ins and attendance tracking, billing and recurring payments, staff payroll, and reporting from mobile devices, as well as enables to create branded company apps that enable clients to manage their schedules, find upcoming activities, purchase plans and passes, and manage their own payment methods.

Kiva Logic

Kiva Logic is an ecommerce solution for home delivery businesses used by veggie delivery companies, pet food delivery companies, farmers, CSAs, and other home delivery based businesses. The platform provides a website for customers to sign up, shop, checkout, and manage account information, as well as an admin side that allows business owners to control business operations, including billing, customer management, products, inventory, deliveries, discounts, and routes.


JeraSoft is financial management software that provides users with a stable and cost-effective billing, rating, routing and mediation solution for telecom, Iot/M2M, cloud service providers, and internet service providers. The platform offers VCS Wholesale and VCS Retail solutions that automates common tasks for telecom operators utilizing a variety of integrated modules such as retail services, dynamic routing, rates management, jurisdiction billing, CDR disputes and A-Number billing.


MoonClerk is subscription billing software that provides users with a quick and flexible solution that does not require coding to implement. The platform is designed to suit the needs of niche industries with unusual requirements and is equipped with a built-in email notification system that allows users to customize email content with dynamic data collected during the checkout process.


OneBill is a subscription billing software solution designed to help companies improve customer billing and revenue management. The platform eliminates the errors and hassle of manual billing through automated invoicing and oversight of the entire revenue lifecycle.

What to Look for in Your Subscription Billing Software

With such a large variety of subscription billing software out there designed to accommodate businesses of all sizes, it can be daunting to make headway into this sector. For companies looking to convert and owners looking to start a new business venture, here are some key features to look for in subscription billing software.


ChargeOver is recurring billing software that automates billing tasks and provides real-time visibility into key business metrics including open balances, lifetime values, churn, recurring revenue and customer averages. The software allows users to build custom report styles or utilize built-in report forms, create unlimited number of plans and custom billing methods, and supports recurring flat rates, metered billing, installment plans and limited billing cycles.

Smartbox SmartBilling

Smartbilling is subscription billing software incorporated within the Smartsuite application suite. The platform is equipped with an advanced reporting engine, supports multiple charge types and billing cycles including daily, weekly, monthly and yearly cycles, and can be customized to meet user-specific service needs.