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Taskade is task management software that provides users with a space for lists, outlines and teams. The platform enables users to instantly create To-Do lists and other list types, works as a task management tool, and allows users to share lists with relevant teams and individuals.

Swift Software JobTraQ

JobTraQ is an enterprise-level task management solution designed to help teams and departments better organize workflows and prioritize responsibilities. Through the platform, users can make sure projects remain on track by setting notifications to warn of impending deadlines and assigning tasks to employees with lighter workloads as needed.

– Itemz Itemz is a task management software solution that employs gamification elements to improve team workflows and motivate individual members to work more efficiently. The platform includes a tagging system for easy filtering, a private inbox, activity notifications and the ability to create keyboard shortcuts.

Zoho Forms

Zoho Forms is an online form builder for businesses to create customizable forms that gather data on workflows to increase employee productivity and collaboration. The tool’s mobile-friendly, drag-and-drop builder enables users to easily communicate, assign and complete tasks, approve workflows and receive project notifications.

Let’s Talk Workboard: Behind the Software with CEO Deidre Paknad

Workboard has come onto the scene focusing on getting managers their time back through transparency and true collaboration of information. Like a breath of fresh air, the team at Workboard has developed a powerful yet simple solution around struggles that are often emphasized in enterprise environments.


Azavista is an online event registration and event management solution that provides planners with the essentials to handle their meetings and events. With this software, users can handle event registrations, email marketing, budgeting, supplier procurement and more.


Eylean is a project task and team management software built for distributed and local team collaboration. The platform allows users to add tasks to board templates to create several task boards in one workspace, drag-and-drop tasks to assign them to team members, change the status of assignments and track the time it takes to complete tasks.


Gtdagenda is task management software that enables users to utilize goals, projects, tasks, checklists, schedules and calendaring tools to manage time and activies. The platform uses contexts and next actions to decide task priority and completion order, can send and receive emails via user email accounts and converts emails into relevant projects and tasks.

Xactly Objectives

Xactly Objectives is a task management software solution designed to keep workforces more engaged and aligned. At the start of each user-defined time period, managers can outline goals and values. As time progresses, users can see how much progress they are making through all assigned tasks and work together in accomplishing goals.

Calendars in Asana: Much Needed and Long Overdue

There were times we thought it might never happen, but task management and collaboration tool Asana finally added a calendar view function called, unsurprisingly, Calendars in Asana. While the default List view that you first see upon logging into Asana certainly gets the job done, the omission of a calendar view was glaring, an omission that was glaring enough to seem like it was deliberate. We took a look at how the new feature measures up.