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Behind the Software Q&A with DreamHost’s VPs of Cloud and Marketing

At first glance, DreamHost seems like an innocent cloud hosting solution, storing domains and backing up files. Peer deeply into the company and discover that DreamHost is much more than just a hosting solution. The company (governed by a democratic system and run without a dime of VC funding) is a pioneer on the open source front. Developers work both within WordPress and OpenStack to help mold the future of open source.

– DreamHost Shared

DreamHost Shared is a cloud hosting software solution that runs multiple websites on a single server and maintains all bandwidth between them. During the initial setup phase, users can pick and choose the website add-ons, such as WordPress, ecommerce and calendars, they want up and running. The system can then take care of all domain name registration.

DreamHost DreamPress

DreamPress is web content management software built to be delivered pre-installed and pre-configured with WordPress. The platform is equipped with multiple layers of caching, isolated server resources, and provides access to 24/7 WordPress support.

DreamHost Cloud

DreamHost Cloud is a cloud storage software solution that provides a public cloud for hosted files. The platform enables users to reach the cloud via direct access or integrate it with third party platforms through an API. Once everything is set up, the program charges users based on download bandwidth rates and the total amount of data stored.

DreamHost VPS

DreamHost VPS is virtual private server hosting software designed to assist developers and designers with running websites and applications. The platform is equipped with Ubuntu Long Term Support, enables users to manage multiple virtual servers, and is built with a web-based control panel where users can scale servers up or down.