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Entrinsik Enrole

Enrole is a learning management software solution that allows users to run courses, sell course registrations and market online school classes. At the start, users need to define courses they can offer for the upcoming semester. Once the course catalog goes live, the program’s ecommerce platform can sell course sign-ups, manage student and teacher records and process payments.

Entrinsik Informer

Informer is an ECM software solution that makes it easy to link up different data sources. Users can easily drag and drop content to and from different file locations and edit files within the program.

– Entrinsik Semtek

Entrinsik Semtek is ERP for education enterprises and can help with events, registration, classes, finances, and ecommerce. For example, the Web Shopping Cart tool makes it easy to register for courses online, the Sales Desk displays course and instructor information online for students, and the Fulfillment Management tool handles education programs, class lists, and evaluations.