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Entrinsik works with educational institutions.

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Entrinsik Semtek

- Entrinsik SemtekEntrinsik Semtek is ERP for education enterprises and can help with events, registration, classes, finances, and ecommerce. For example, the Web Shopping Cart tool makes it easy to register for courses online, the Sales Desk displays course and instructor information online for students, and the Fulfillment Management tool handles education programs, class lists, and evaluations. For events, this program takes care of signup and attendance, gauges profitability for them, and displays event data through dashboards and reports. If you need additional features, the user can purchase add-on modules for accounting, testing, and portal support.

About Entrinsik
Since 1984, Entrinsik has been working on information management software solutions. Over 1,000 organizations worldwide use Entrinsik products. The company is headquartered in Raleigh, NC and has won the International Spectrum’s 2010 New Technologies & Solutions Award.

Entrinsik Semtek Features

  • ERP specifically for educational institutions
  • Web Shopping Cart tool handles online course registration
  • Sales Desk tool stores course and instructor data online for student perusal
  • Manages attendance, educational programs, class lists, and evaluations
  • Event planning features include barcode support, ROI analysis, and check-in and registration
  • Manages your mail list so that you can implement e-mail marketing campaigns
  • Tracks and handles facility usage
  • Optional purchasable add-ons include accounting, inventory, web portal, and testing support

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