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10X ERP Review

Product Snapshot

Product Pricing

Lump sum integration based on complexity, $300/user/month, ongoing customization and optimization options



Customer Focus

Distribution/Wholesale Distribution, SMBs with at least 5 users

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About 10X ERP

10X ERP 10X ERP is a web-based, all-inclusive operating system software for wholesale distributors to manage their business. As an ERP software, it houses all your data and performs your critical business functions (accounting, inventory management, sales, purchasing, etc.).

It’s been built from scratch using modern technologies to provide easy app integrations, with a highly intuitive, end-user-friendly experience based on feedback from real end-users. For business owners, we provide a simplified pricing model and focus on reducing company and new-user onboarding time to lower implementation costs.

About the Company

10X ERP was founded in 2021 in Texas. They’re currently a team of 8 and growing as they begin formally marketing their product to the public.


10X ERP Key Features

  • Full-service company: process identification, data migration, launch, and ongoing service & support
  • All-inclusive ERP: all modules needed for distributors included for one price, accounting, inventory management, sales, purchasing, etc.
  • Built on a modern platform with in-app service and support.


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