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Eye Care Leaders KeyMedical KeyMed Practice Management

KeyMed Practice Management is practice management software built to support ophthalmology-based medical practices and to safeguard confidential patient information. The platform manages patient account information, is equipped for transaction processing, and provides practices with electronic claims tools with direct submission to Medicare and BCBS.

Eye Care Leaders KeyMedical KeyCharts EMR

KeyCharts EMR is electronic medical record software that automates multiple tasks including prescription writing, referral letters, chart pulls, transcripting and coding, and is designed to reccommend the appropriate eye code and E&M code for each patient based on the exam documentation entered by technicians and physicians. The platform provides electronic access to patient records through a VPN from remote satellite offices, homes, hospitals or any remote location.

Eye Care Leaders ManagementPlus PM

ManagementPlus PM is practice management software designed to streamline appointments, maximize patient flow, customize superbills and provide practices with time clocks for staff. The platform is equipped with patient engagement tools including intake tools, appointment management, medication lists and refill requests, and access to patient education resources.

Eye Care Leaders Medflow EHR

Medflow EHR is electronic health record software that provides practices with a single-screen exam workflow, intuitive data auto-fill, and HIPAA compliance monitoring. The platform is an out-of-the-box solution designed for quick implementation, but if users run into roadblocks, Eye Care Leaders offers access to a team of professional for educating and training users on how to use the system for their practice-specific workflows.