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EZware Technologies EZ Fixed Asset Management

EZ Fixed Asset Management is a comprehensive system for handling all of a company’s equipment. Using this product will enable users to review spending requests for new assets, track asset purchases and sales, and monitor asset transfers and maintenance.

EZware Technologies EZ Financial Accounting System Dubai

EZ Financial Accounting System Dubai makes it easy for users to track accounting data and generate financial reports. Organizations can track sales data across a number of time intervals, profitability and each financial transaction for the user’s company.

EZware Technologies EZ Job Costing System

EZ Job Costing System provides organizations with relevant job data so that users can make important decisions on for company projects. The system tracks job purchases, expenses, variances, revenues, and progress.

EZware Technologies EZ Inventory Management

EZ Inventory Management uses lead time and customer demand data to optimize the user’s inventory stock. All of the inventory data the program displays is in real-time and is guaranteed to be accurate.

EZware Technologies EZ HR and Payroll Software Dubai

EZware Technologies EZ HR & Payroll System is comprehensive enough to handle a wealth of HR tasks but remains simple enough for all of your HR personnel to quickly learn and use.

EZware Technologies EZ CRM

EZ CRM is CRM software that enables users to manage information about both existing and prospective clients. The application helps users to build and enhance client relationships, provides users with comprehensive client servicing automation functionality, and assists users with new client acquisitions.

EZware Technologies EZ Fleet Management

Fleet Management works with real-time data supplied by your ground support equipment to accurately track the user’s entire vehicle fleet. Organizations can use this product to proactively monitor vehicles to determine routes and handle driver authorizations for equipment and facilities.