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EZware Technologies EZ CRM Review

Product Snapshot

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Product is available as a SaaS solution.

Customer Focus

Vendor works with small and midsize construction, trading, and manufacturing companies.

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About EZ CRM

EZware Technologies EZ CRM EZ CRM is CRM software that enables users to manage information about both existing and prospective clients. The application helps users to build and enhance client relationships, provides users with comprehensive client servicing automation functionality, and assists users with new client acquisitions.

The software enables users to build a client information repository with any and all desired and customizable fields, updates and tracks client information in real-time, and enables users to build sales pitches and marketing campaigns based on up-to-date client information, like e-nurture streams. Additionally, the platform tags the leads to the related tactic, and generates tailor-made reports such as pipeline reports and sales performance reports.

About the Company

EZware Technologies was founded in 1996 and is headquartered in the United Arab Emirates.


EZ CRM Key Features

  • Supports multiple user licenses
  • Tracks customer, sales, market trend, and marketing ROI data
  • Handles product pricing
  • Client servicing automation system tracks each reported issue experienced by customers
  • Each customer case is archived for future reference in a knowledgebase
  • Easy to import new prospect information


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  • Rajesh Kuttan

    Please stay away from the EZWare Technologies “EZBusiness” ERP system, which is a outdated system running on VB6. You can compromise with the technology but the quality and the support is worse and the owner only there to run away with the advance money and least care about the customer.

  • Rahul Aggarwal

    This is to bring in public notice that Mr. Shabbir Zirapury is a fraud and their so called software EZ Business system is nothing but piece of shit. This story starts with EZware Technologies that has 3 directors and registered office in Nagpur under Registrar of Companies but running their operations from Kalyani Nagar, Pune. Earlier this company used to run their operations from Bilaspur before Pune. This company has appointed 3 director Mr. and Mrs. Zirapury another dumb ass guy from medical store of Dawa Bazar, Indore and serve also as a Finance Manager. It’s been since years their product is running in the market and known for ERP system.

    However, EZ system completely declined by Indian market because Indian companies are smart in terms of technology and have better options rather than investing in old and outdated concept of ERP system such as SAP and Oracle. Eventually after getting some wisdom through Indian market Mr. Zirapury decided to fool wisdom less Arabs. Now days this company has head office in Abudhabi (UAE).

    EZ Business system is a poor quality system and has got a lot of issues in real time scenarios. Client curse themselves after investing in their product and Mr. Zirapury literally get abused by their existing clients for their product and after sale services.

    This company should also be complaint to labor department as well because employees has also got issues in this company. Employees has complaints that they are not getting paid on time from last many months and company don’t keep their commitments. They hiring employees without any consent and their consent for hiring employees is null and void as the labor law of India. As per the consent employees will be sue for INR 2 Crore, If they steal outdated VB6 codes.

    I recommend to all job seeker and customers to keep away themselves from this company.

    Lets spread this message to everyone and keep aware them also !