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GrapeCity ComponentOne Studio for Xamarin

ComponentOne Studio for Xamarin is application development software that equips companies with Xamarin UI Controls for Native Mobile Apps. The platform enables users to deliver cross-platform native mobile apps with the industry’s most flexible controls like Xamarin.Forms and Xamarin.UWP, Xamarin.iOS, and Xamarin.Android.

GrapeCity Documents

GrapeCity Documents is application development software that enables users to create fast, efficient document APIs for .NET Standard 2.0 and Java, and allows users to take total document control with ultra-fast, low-footprint document APIs for enterprise apps. The platform provides solutions for creating Excel, PDF, Word and Java documents, as well as documents for imaging for all .NET platforms.

GrapeCity Wijmo

Wijmo is application development software that equips companies with high-performance JavaScript UI controls for enterprise apps. The platform provides user with the ability to build lightweight, high-speed HTML5/JavaScript apps with zero dependencies, and to build apps in the framework of their choice including Angular, AngularJS, ReactJS, VueJS and Knockout.

GrapeCity Spread

Spread is application development software that provides companies with a complete spreadsheet solution for .NET and JavaScript. The platform enables users to deliver first-class enterprise apps with this extensible, flexible Excel-like UI.

GrapeCity ActiveReports

ActiveReports is application development software that provides companies with a fast, complete .NET reporting solution. The platform is equipped with code-based reporting, easy-to-use designers, and a flexible API.

GrapeCity ComponentOne Ultimate

ComponentOne Ultimate is an application development tool built with cross-platform UI controls, and is designed to complete the users’s toolkit by providing fast, flexible UI controls for JavaScript, .NET, and Xamarin. That includes ComponentOne Studio’s 300+ .NET UI controls, Wijmo’s 60+ JavaScript UI controls with full framework support, ComponentOne Studio for Xamarin’s native mobile grids, charts, and gauges, 2200+ images and icons, and platinum phone support.

GrapeCity ActiveReports Server

ActiveReports Server is a web-based ad hoc business intelligence and reporting solution. The product provides a report designer, and supports multi-tenant reporting.

ActiveReports Server: Web-Based Rich, Ad Hoc Report Designer for Business Users

ActiveReports Server provides business users with a feature-rich, Web-based ad hoc report designer, enabling businesses to easily deploy sophisticated self-service reporting.

ActiveReports Server: Web-Based Ad Hoc Reporting off Logical Data Models

Watch this video to learn how IT Administrators use ActiveReports Server’s auto-generated and fully customizable logical data models to create business friendly views for business users to empower them for rich, ad hoc, self-service reporting over the Web.

ActiveReports Server: NET Rocks! hosts discuss Self-Service/Ad Hoc End User Reporting

.NET Rocks! hosts talk to Scott Willeke, Product Manager of ActiveReports Server, GrapeCity’s new Web-based, rich ad hoc reporting solution designed from the ground up for rapid deployment of self-service reporting to business users.