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GrapeCity ActiveReports Server Review

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Small Business Edition: $5,000 per Server License; Enterprise Edition: $15,000 per Server License; Software Companies & SaaS Edition: $15,000 per Server License. Add-on options also available.


GrapeCity ActiveReports Server is available as both an on-premise and SaaS solution.

Customer Focus

GrapeCity works with companies of all sizes from various industries.

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GrapeCity ActiveReports Server

GrapeCity ActiveReports ServerGrapeCity ActiveReports Server is a web-based ad hoc business intelligence and reporting solution. The product provides a report designer, and supports multi-tenant reporting. ActiveReports Server also provides a SDK for accelerating BI adoption much more effectively than traditional reporting tools. Business users can intuitively create sophisticated, interactive ad hoc reports while eliminating complexities. IT users can deploy self-service reporting rapidly and with fewer resources.

About GrapeCity, Inc.
For over 25 years, GrapeCity has provided award-winning reporting and business intelligence solutions, software services and enterprise solutions to Fortune 1000 companies in the hi-tech, financial, healthcare, government and other vertical markets. GrapeCity’s focus on innovative solutions that deliver deep business value to customers has resulted in award-winning enterprise solutions for high-tech, financial, healthcare, and other industries—and its award-winning solutions for spreadsheets, reporting, and business intelligence are #1 in sales worldwide.

Many leading companies around the world have chosen GrapeCity as their source for industry-proven products and services, including Microsoft Corporation, Intel, Accenture, IBM, Hewlett Packard, the Internal Revenue Service, Nike, Coca Cola, the Upjohn Company, Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Dun and Bradstreet, Chase Manhattan Bank, World Savings Bank, the Federal Reserve Bank, the office of the President of the United States, and many more.

ActiveReports Server Key Features

For Business Users
  • Rich, drag-and-drop report designer with an intuitive user interface makes ad hoc reporting a snap.
  • Interactive, ad hoc reports with drill down, print and export options are available right in your web browser.
  • Flexible design options for tables, text, charts, images, and themes help you create great-looking reports.
  • Familiar business views of your data eliminate the need to know SQL or any technical details.
  • Built-in scheduling and delivery options make it easy to deliver your reports on time to multiple stakeholders.

For IT

  • Web-based platform eliminates the need to install software on desktops.
  • Support for multi-tenant self-service reporting in SaaS offerings.
  • Auto-generation of familiar business views of data saves training time.
  • Self-service reporting frees up IT staff for other priorities.
  • Central role-based security makes assigning permissions fast and easy.
  • LDAP support enables single sign-on for Active Directory users.

For Developers

  • Support for storage, rendering, and distribution of ActiveReports developer RPX report files.
  • Server-based perpetual licensing for cost-effective deployment to large numbers of users.
  • Web services and ASP.NET components for easy programmatic integration.
  • Support for multi-tenant reporting in SaaS offerings.
  • Ability to re-brand the report designer with customized colors, captions, etc.

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