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vPhrase Analytic Solutions Phrazor Review

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Individual plan:

  • Starter: Free for life plan
  • Personal:$35 per month per user
  • Professional: $70 per month per user
  • Professional plan:

  • Personal:$35 per month per user
  • Professional: $70 per month per user
  • Viewer:

  • Personal:$10 per month per user
  • Professional: $20 per month per user
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    About Phrazor

    vPhrase Analytic Solutions PhrazorPhrazor summarizes data into a few bullet points, highlighting key insights required for decision-making. It helps enterprises make their reports and insights easier to comprehend by writing a narrative along with each report. With Phrazor, you don’t have to spend time analyzing numbers. Phrazor writes language to explain the key insights in words.

    About vPhrase Analytic Solutions
    Founded in 2015. 53 employees. Locations in Mumbai, India, and New York, USA.

    Phrazor Key Features

    • Highly customizable – language, structure, metrics, the diction of writing, etc.
    • Roles-based Access Control (RBAC) – Assigns explicit access to any person in your organization.
    • Multilingual Capabilities – Generates written narratives in any language.
    • Interactive Visualizations – Use a wide array of charts, graphs, tables and images for a rich reporting experience.
    • Filters and Drill Downs – At various levels without any restraints.
    • Export, Share & Publish Reports – In easy-to-consume forms like .ppt, .pdf and .doc. Also, share it as a direct attachment in emails, at scale.
    • Multiple Data Integrations – Connect to data on-prem or in the cloud—whether it’s your big data infrastructure, data warehouse, data lakes, real-time APIs, spreadsheet, cloud apps, or your in-house CRM and ERP tools.
    • Custom Models – Run complex scripts or embed your in-house forecasting models.

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