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– HealthFusion MediTouch EHR

HealthFusion MediTouch EHR is a web-based electronic health record software designed to be a custom experience for each doctor. To create a custom experience, MediTouch does not use inflexible templates but rather comes with pre-loaded, dynamic templates.

– HealthFusion Meditouch PM

HealthFusion Meditouch PM is a comprehensive practice management medical solution that provides medical organizations with automated scheduling, billing and reporting applications. The platform controls claims, combats denials, avoids re-work, tracks underpayments and process remittance.

– HealthFusion MediTouch EHR

MediTouch EHR is a medical software that integrates practice management, medical billing and EMR to create a solution that is completely interoperable and provides ease of use to medical organizations through Ipad and web accessibility. Working with the medical providers learning curve, MediTouch EHR contains useful tools such as charts and table so medical providers can easily monitor patient progress.