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inContact Multi-Channel ACD

inContact Multi-Channel ACD is a help desk software solution that works across telephone, email, chat and social media channels. As customers initiate contact with service agents, the program can queue cases during busy hours, route cases to agents based on agents’ skills and initiate automatic callbacks for customers who do not want to wait in line.


inContact is a cloud-based call center software solution that provides interactive voice response (IVR) and cloud PBX. This top call center software provides numerous call center tools such as multi-channel ACD, CRM integrations, customer feedback management, quality monitoring and disaster recovery. With workforce management and optimization, administrators can be sure that call center agents are providing the best customer service.

– inContact Platform 2.0

inContact Platform 2.0 is an award-winning call center solution built to reduce operational expenses, increase profitability, and improve agent performance.

Cloud Contact Center Solution Criteria Checklist

If you are starting to evaluate cloud contact center solutions, make sure you first download this checklist so you know the key questions you need to ask. And, find out how inContact stacks up.

2013 Contact Center & Customer Management Executive Priorities Report

This research identifies and offers insight on key trends in the customer management/contact center industry related to 2013-14 goals, strategies and budgeting plans.

Being Proactive and Generating Results

Learn to enhance customer service and boost results by anticipating and acting on customer needs and preferences through 5 basic tips.

Putting Workforce Optimization to Work

Learn how to deliver on the expectations of the mobile, multichannel customer requires companies to predict customer demand and manage agent resources more effectively through 5 basic tips.

Executive Insight: Multi-Sourcing

In response to this overwhelming demand to do more with less, one of the most common solutions to “cheaper” has been to cut labor costs through labor arbitrage or multi-sourcing.

Premise vs. Hosted Contact Center: Total Cost of Ownership Analysis

This whitepaper presents the results of the TCO analysis for twelve (12) contact center configurations. Total cost of ownership is a valuable way to compare contact center acquisition/deployment alternatives. However, it should be viewed as one element in a comprehensive decision process.

The New Mantra: “The Agent Is King”

This paper is written for contact center executives, managers and decision makers who are evaluating or have chosen the on-demand platform as a viable replacement for premise-based infrastructure. This white paper takes a detailed look at the industry trends, the value proposition for on-demand contact center technology, linkages between functions, key tools, technologies and current agent optimization practices.