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Inflectra Rapise

Rapise is a test automation platform designed to provide the most rapid and flexible testing experience. The solution employs a learn-and-go testing method, which is a more time efficient record-and-playback editing process where objects can be edited during the learning process.

Inflectra KronoDesk

KronoDesk is a configurable help desk software solution that includes help desk ticketing, customer support forums and an online knowledge base. The solution is tailored to match the user’s customer support process by allowing users to set up custom fields, priorities, statuses, types, resolutions and workflows.

Inflectra SpiraTeam

SpiraTeam is an application lifecycle management (ALM) and agile project management solution designed to create features, requirements and user stories, and then develop a high-level release schedule for quality project development. The business and technical teams can work together to develop the sprint plan for the releases, breaking features into discrete stories and tasks to assign to individual iterations.

Inflectra SpiraPlan

SpiraPlan is an agile application project management system designed to develop and achieve high-level project requirements. The solution breaks projects down into detailed tasks, allocates requirements based on detailed task estimates and assigns tasks using an agile planning board.

Inflectra SpiraTest

SpiraTest is a top QA testing solution and test management system designed for a wide variety of industries in healthcare, biotechnology, aviation, retail, entertainment, telecommunications and more. The solution is equipped with an open architecture and a library of add-on modules such as automated testing tools, requirements management systems and unit testing.