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Invantive Composition for Word

Invantive Composition for Word is a document management software solution that integrates Microsoft Word with the user’s databases and applications. The software will retrieve information in the user’s database and process it in Microsoft Word.

Invantive Control for Excel

Invantive Control is an Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) software solution to assess the likelihood of financial threats and project risks from within Microsoft Excel. The platform provides businesses and organizations with all the functionalities needed to make real-time risk management decisions.

Invantive Query Tool

Invantive Query Tool is a business intelligence (BI) software solution that provides access to real-time data warehouse and databases. This enables users to store, organize and locate operational data quickly.

Invantive Estate

Invantive Estate is a financial management software solution for real estate that offers a project overview to all project managers. The software lets users transfer data into financial statements, uncover threats and turn risks into opportunities.

Invantive Vision

Invantive Vision is a project management software solution that helps businesses plan and execute projects. The platform helps to effectively complete projects on budget and on time with structured project planning, allocation of employees and resources and cost and budget reports.