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Invantive Control for Excel Review

Product Snapshot


Invantive Control is a SaaS solution and an on-premise solution.

Customer Focus

The company focuses on small to mid-sized businesses.

About Invantive Control

Invantive Control for Excel Invantive Control is an Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) software solution to assess the likelihood of financial threats and project risks from within Microsoft Excel. Invantive Control provides businesses and organizations with all the functionalities needed to make real-time risk management decisions.

In addition, Invantive Control empowers you to create, secure and share detailed risk matrices, models and plans in Microsoft Excel. The input and outcome of your risk models will be exchanged with your databases using SQL. With Invantive Control you will have all the functionalities you need to control risks, calculate projected figures and project your future cash flows in real time.

About Invantive BV

The company was founded in 1992 and is headquartered in the Netherlands.

Invantive Control Key Features

  • Flexibility of Excel paired with the data integrity provided by your own database
  • Download and upload facts to your databases using SQL
  • Real-time risks management and intelligence within compliance rules
  • Database and data warehouse with time travel to look into your enterprise-wide historical figures
  • Create and execute predictive models such as PD, LGD, NPV and IRR from within Microsoft Excel
  • Calculate projected figures, future cash flows and return on capital investment in real time
  • Structured framework that meets ISO 27002, SAS 70, Dutch GAAP, USA GAAP and IFRS standards
  • Open and handle large templates and models within Excel using the integrated document management system

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