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– Experian Risk Management Review

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Experian Risk Management is available as a SaaS solution that requires no additional hardware.

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Experian works with customers of all sizes.

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About Experian Risk Management

- Experian Risk Management Experian Risk Management identifies potential problems in your business operations before they can get too out of hand. On the consumer side of things, the program prevents against fraud by screening customer applications and detecting sour credit card transactions. If the customer is high risk, you will automatically receive alerts for bankruptcy, poor public records, and late payments. For your portfolio, the system monitors it to ensure profitability for your company. Experian Risk Management is designed to support the automotive, public sector, healthcare, communications, utility, collections, and credit union industries.

About Experian
Experian was founded in 1996 and is headquartered in Ireland. The company is publically traded. Experian has offices in over 40 countries and employs over 17,000 workers.

Experian Risk Management Key Features

  • SaaS risk management software solution
  • Verifies customers’ backgrounds and alerts you of any suspect behavior
  • Processes all credit card transactions and guards against fraud
  • Creates full background reports
  • Prescreens credit
  • Ensures profitability in your portfolio and shows risks

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