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– Junction Solutions JunctionMCR

Junction Solutions JunctionMCR is an ERP system designed for multi-channel retail companies that need to manage high-volume, dynamic supply chains. The product comes with modules for customer service, ordering, pricing, merchandising, POS, warehouse management, supply chain management, and sales. Additionally, you can make use of the system’s BI functionality to analyze customer data and create targeted promotions and offers. JunctionMCR can integrate with Microsoft Dynamics AX and is available as an on-premise or SaaS solution.

– Junction Solutions CLEARthru

Junction Solutions CLEARthru is a customer communications solution that provides the customer with data on your produce products. To use this product, you first generate and print a CLEARthru label and apply it to your products. The customer can then use the information on the label to trace the product’s source, grower, etc. over the web or through a mobile device. Ultimately, CLEARthru should increase brand loyalty and inspire consumer confidence at a low cost.

– Junction Solutions JunctionFB

Junction Solutions JunctionFB is an ERP system solution for food and beverage companies. Using Microsoft Dynamics MX, this product provides you with complete visibility across your store chain.