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– Junction Solutions CLEARthru Review

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Vendor works with mid-sized and enterprise retail companies.

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Junction Solutions CLEARthru

- Junction Solutions CLEARthru Junction Solutions CLEARthru is a customer communications solution that provides the customer with data on your produce products. To use this product, you first generate and print a CLEARthru label and apply it to your products. The customer can then use the information on the label to trace the product’s source, grower, etc. over the web or through a mobile device. Ultimately, CLEARthru should increase brand loyalty and inspire consumer confidence at a low cost.

About Junction Solutions
Junction Solutions was founded in 2002 and operates out of Englewood, CO. The company is technology partners with Microsoft and has numerous awards, including the 2011 IDFA Innovation Award and the 2012 InterBev Award for Best Processing Innovation. Junction Solutions additionally carries a number of certifications, such as AMR Research Certification for Process Manufacturing, AMR Research Certification for Retail, and Microsoft Certification for Dynamics AX.

Junction Solutions CLEARthru Features

  • Provides the customer with information about your products
  • Generates traceable labels that detail each product’s source, grower, distributor, processing facility, etc
  • The customer can trace the labels via mobile device or over the web
  • Inspires consumer confidence
  • Works with both branded products and private-label products
  • Available as on-premise or as on-demand


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