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Kinetic Growth Venue

Venue is extensively customizable ecommerce software designed to work within the user’s existing Salesforce workflows. The platform provides users with all the tools necessary to run a successful and efficient ecommerce store including shopping cart functionality, shipping tools, sales tax and credit card processing tools, ACH payment support, and discount and coupon functionalities.

Kinetic Growth Encore

Encore is renewal, subscription, invoice and billing software designed to work within Salesforce and to automate all subscription renewal and billing processes. The platform enables users co-term add-on orders, up-sell plans or packages, generate quotes and invoices, and collect payments, and is built to integrate seamlessly within the user’s Salesforce workflows, existing opportunities and data.

Kinetic Growth Done

Done is collaboration and task management software that enables users to see, edit, track, find, filter and sort all Salesforce tasks. The platform is equipped with task mass creation, edit and deletion tools in order to reduce data entry errors, enables users to assign tasks to team members as well as view all assigned tasks and task status, and utilizes Chatter to track task progress and updates.