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KnowledgeLake Document Imaging for Sharepoint

KnowledgeLake Imaging for Sharepoint is document management software that enables users to manage all documents on an enterprise scale, blends information about employees and business processes, and works as a low-risk, cost-effective solution. The platform allows users to import documents as PDF, Office or TIFF files and indexes them automatically using a local scanner, facilitates full-text searches as well as SharePoint column properties, and is equipped with a document view and edit functionality designed to work with PDF, TIFF and Microsoft Office documents.

– KnowledgeLake Unify for Sharepoint

KnowledgeLake Unify for Sharepoint works within various other software solutions to bring you the documents you need.

KnowledgeLake Capture

KnowledgeLake Capture is a content management software designed to facilitate importing paper documents en masse into a digital systems. The platform enables users to work with most major scanners and utilizes barcodes to help sort all scanned documents into meaningful organization systems.

– KnowledgeLake Workflow for Sharepoint

KnowledgeLake Workflow for Sharepoint enables you to attach business processes to your Sharepoint files, giving you control over almost any aspect of your documents.

KnowledgeLake Connect

KnowledgeLake Connect is content management software designed to connect with Sharepoint and works with programs within the SharePoint Office Suite in order to facilitate sending, managing and receiving Sharepoint database content. The platform allows users to browse and apply metadata to documents within Excel, Word and PowerPoint, manages email messages and attachments, and automatically captures email metadata through a drag-and-drop functionality.