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Kronos Workforce Central Suite

Kronos Workforce Central is a suite of workforce management software designed to control labor costs, increase productivity and minimize compliance risk. The suite enables users to manage schedules, track employee time and attendance, and manage employee absence and paid leave.

HR and Payroll Management Software That Fits Your Goals

Why go with Kronos HR and Payroll management software? Because with more than three decades of experience, our completely automated solution is easy to own, and helps you control costs and minimize compliance risk.

Timekeeping Software That Packs a Big Punch

A time clock solution that tracks employee punches is only step one in reducing payroll costs. The Kronos timekeeping system lets you see, plan, and manage employee time.

Employee Scheduling Software Gets People Working

Kronos employee scheduling software is a labor scheduling solution that lets managers accurately create schedules that align labor with anticipated demand.

Why Kronos?

Why Kronos? Because we’ve delivered results to organizations of all sizes around the world. If you need to control labor costs, minimize compliance risk, and improve workforce productivity, you need Kronos.