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Logimax Customer Web Self-Service

Logimax’s Web Self-Service module provides real-time, web-based information access for your customers to complement your sales strategy.

Logimax WMS Solution…in the Cloud

If you’re searching for your next generation WMS solution, Logimax’s WMS Foundation is just what you need.

LogiMation Preparation Task List

This task lists provides all the steps you’ll need to prepare and use LogiMation, Logimax’s Wireless Task Automation module.

A Quick Guide to Choosing the Right Logistics Management Solution

Although these are not the only items you should consider, these key considerations will get you on the right track to choosing the best solution for your organization.

Logimax Customer Case Study: Peoples Services, Inc.

Learn how Logimax helped People Services, Inc., a third party logistics provider, increase inventory accuracy, productivity, and revenue with their WMS solution.

Logimax Customer Case Study: PenserSC – The Picture of Growth

Since deploying Logimax, PenserSC has experienced a 40 percent increase in efficiency, optimized warehouse operations, improved customer satisfaction and increased profits.

Logimax WMS Foundation

Logimax WMS Foundation is warehouse management software that provides users with inventory control tools, integrated RF data collection, report generation and web portal access. The platform is designed to provide users with access to the system from any web-enabled browser and location, and integrates ERP, TMS, EDI and other software systems.