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MedNet Medical Solutions pm4MD

pm4MD is a full practice management software solution that can be used to handle a number of administrative tasks. Designed for single and multiple location use, the program can take care of appointment scheduling, generate financial and administrative reports and process medical payments.

MedNet Medical Solutions Patient Engagement

Patient Engagement is medical software designed for patient management processes, and hosts a number of web-based portals to enable the user’s patients to communicate and interact with the user’s practice. For instance, patients can schedule appointments, request refills and pull up their own medical data through the platform’s patient portal.

– MedNet Medical eRx4MD

MedNet Medical eRx4MD is a prescription management software solution that can work independently or in conjunction with MedNet Medical emr4MD. The program has a full database for drug and dosing information and checks for drug allergies, adverse drug reactions, and drug-drug conflicts when you enter a prescription for a client.

MedNet Medical Solutions emr4MD

emr4MD is a web-based EHR software solution that ties together administrative and clinical processes. After users create a new patient profile via program template, they can fill in information through clicking, typing and dictation.