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– MedNet Medical eRx4MD Review

Product Snapshot


MedNet Medical eRx4MD is available as a SaaS solution that requires no additional hardware.

Customer Focus

MedNet Medical works with hospitals and clinics.

About MedNet Medical eRx4MD

- MedNet Medical eRx4MD MedNet Medical eRx4MD is a prescription management software solution that can work independently or in conjunction with MedNet Medical emr4MD. The program has a full database for drug and dosing information and checks for drug allergies, adverse drug reactions, and drug-drug conflicts when you enter a prescription for a client. In the event that you need more client information, the system stores full patient histories, which detail conditions, medications and more. Once you are ready to send out a prescription to a pharmacy, you can do so through the product. Lastly, MedNet Medical eRx4MD can maintain your pharmacy benefits.

About MedNet Medical
MedNet Medical was founded in 2011 and is headquartered in Massachusetts. The company has recognition from Black Book Rankings and a number of certifications from SureScripts.

MedNet Medical eRx4MD Key Features

  • SaaS electronic prescription software solution
  • Works stand-alone or with MedNet Medical emr4MD
  • Full drug and dosing database
  • Alerts you of all drug allergy and adverse drug reaction problems when you try to draft a prescription for a patient
  • Stores full prescription and medical histories for patients
  • Can electronically send prescriptions to pharmacies
  • Maintains all pharmacy benefits
  • Can send out information pamphlets on drugs to patients

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