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Micro Focus NetIQ AppManager

NetIQ AppManager is an IT infrastructure monitoring software solution that monitors the performance of installed apps on workstations. The platform allows users to automatically integrate with connected IT assets and their applications and monitor end users’ experiences and set configurations for servers from the centralized console.

Micro Focus Visual COBOL

Visual COBOL is application development software available in two editions – Visual Studio or Eclipse. The platform is equipped with a fully featured COBOL editor and integrated COBOL debugging tools, mixed-language support for C/C++, C#, VB.NET and Java, and complies COBOL applications directly in Microsoft intermediate language in order to facilitate deployment with Microsoft .NET.

– MicroFocus Borland StarTeam

Borland StarTeam is a change and configuration platform that works at an enterprise level to maintain all developments for your software assets. You have full visibility over your software configurations, and you can easily update your products and identify bugs.

Micro Focus Caliber

Caliber is an application development tool that works with all of the user’s project data in order to keep track of the various requirements users need to meet. To accomplish this, the program uses a variety of visual tools and aids. For instance, users can generate graphs, matrices, story boards, and more to identify relevant needs.

– MicroFocus Borland Silk Test

Borland Silk Test is a development and quality testing software solution that works across multiple platforms and devices. The program employs role-based testing, allowing different members of your team to work out different flaws from different perspectives.

Micro Focus SiteScope

Micro Focus SiteScope is agentless IT infrastructure monitoring software that provides users with a heterogeneous and hybrid support, and is build for easy-of-installation, -configuration, and -use. The platform provides users with real-time monitoring information, is equipped with an intuitive and customizeable interface, and is equipped with automated application monitoring functionality.

Micro Focus Service Manager

Micro Focus Service Manager is service desk and help desk management software designed to handle change and incident management as well as integrate with multiple complementary functionalities including ITSM capabilities, Big Data and social collaboration. The platform consolidates IT processes including incident, problem, change, request and knowledge management within a centralized interface, and is designed to improve support and delivery across the full IT lifecycle.

Micro Focus Asset Management

Micro Focus Asset Management is ITAM software that assists users with hardware and software asset management and optimizes the full end-to-end asset lifecycle across procurement, lifecycle, and disposal. The platform is equipped with an asset manager browser that facilitates asset search and visibility, optimizes TCO, ROI and end-to-end costs and depreciation, and provides users with actionable insights that support informed decisions.

Micro Focus Sprinter

Micro Focus Sprinter is application development software designed to streamline and accelerate Agile testing. The platform provides users with writes-ups for accurate bug reproduction and works to run efficient exploratory testing while reducing test cycle time.

Micro Focus Business Process Testing

Micro Focus BPT is QA testing software that provides users with a component-based test framework designed to run automated test processes. The platform provides users with a library of reusable test components, a repository of reusable test modules, and is designed to propagate a change made once across distributed agile teams.