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Morse Data Corporation InOrder Warehouse Management

InOrder Warehouse Management allows users to track inventory parts all the way down to a bin level. The program works with a variety of portable scanner types to verify all inventory levels and help pickers find the items they need. Once an order is assembled, the system can verify that the order is correct and then create an outgoing shipment.

Morse Data Corporation InOrder eCommerce

InOrder eCommerce is an ecommerce software solution that makes it easy for customers to view inventory and order information in real-time. At the start, users need to integrate the program into an inventory database. As users update the database, the ecommerce store’s pricing, availability and back order numbers reflect all the changes made.

Morse Data Corporation InOrder CRM

InOrder CRM is a CRM software solution designed for call centers. As customers place phone calls about orders and services, users can pull up inventory pages, create orders and check in on order statuses.

Morse Data Corporation InOrder Order Management

InOrder Order Management works across all order and inventory data to make sure that it is consistent across all channels. Each time the customer places an order, the program instantly takes note of it and processes it throughout its entire cycle.

Morse Data Corporation InOrder Accounting

InOrder Accounting is a complete accounting software solution that provides real-time access to financial data across an organization. The program works with other InOrder products to keep all financial data consistent.