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Bringing the Human Touch to True Collaboration

How many of us have experienced THE Email-Chain that accomplishes nothing other than getting people frustrated and wasting valuable time? Worse yet, the people on the Email-Chain work for the same company!

Empowering the Workforce in a Global World

MY TrueCloud (MTC) delivers the industry’s only integrated 100% cloud-architected SaaS Collaboration Suite that supports the full spectrum of mobile collaboration. True Collaboration must unite your entire workforce whether in an office or remote location.

MY TrueCloud MY Secure Link

MY Secure Link is a state-of-the-art file sharing solution designed to be easy to use and deploy, yet powerful enough to automate the process. A key differentiator of MY Secure Link is the integration of MY TrueCloud’s proprietary 2-Factor Authentication Security into the solution.

MY TrueCloud MY Security

MY Security, used in conjunction with MY Documents, will provide the security and forensics to ensure the user’s company knows exactly what is happening with their data. MY Security can be purchased as a stand alone system (the same new technology being introduced into credit card security today) or with any of MY TrueCloud’s collaborative solutions.

MY TrueCloud MY Social

MY Social is a social communication and collaboration tool that makes it easier and faster to establish clear and open lines of conversation between the user, their team members, and their customers. The platform can be established in an above military-grade secure environment to ensure confidential discussions are kept confidential.

MY TrueCloud MY Web Conferences

MY Web Conferences is an affordable web conferencing software solution that provides conferencing, collaboration and security tools for the best online conference experience. The software that can be deployed as a standalone offering or as an integrated solution (with the MY TrueCloud CRM, document management system, social business and/or security modules) to create a complete 360-degree view of all of the user’s prospects.

MY TrueCloud MY Documents

MY Documents is the only document management solution on the market that can address all of a business’ key requirements in a DMS, including forensic monitoring, seamless file sharing, powerful workflows and systematic organization techniques. On top of that, MY Documents is always protected by an above military-grade secure platform.

MY TrueCloud MY Campaigns

MY Campaigns is email marketing software that brings together everything users need to create a simple, easy to deploy process for managing and sending email campaigns. The platform’s email campaign solution can be deployed as a stand alone offering, or as an integrated solution within their CRM, document management system, social business and/or security modules in order to create a complete 360-view of all prospects.

MY TrueCloud MY Sales Arsenal – CRM

MY Sales Arsenal – CRM is a comprehensive CRM system that includes everything sales teams need to succeed, including lead management, contact management, marketing automation and social collaboration tools.