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Netsoft Impact SCM

Impact SCM is an ERM software for Netsoft Impact ERP that works across supply chains by enabling users to associate with all the facets of the system. The platform allows users to work with demand and supply data to help plan for future purchases and establish and master projects.

Netsoft Impact CRM

Impact CRM is a customizable CRM software that can integrate with ERP and carries a variety of tools to help users maintain customer interaction presale and postsale. The platform allows users a contact book that stores numerous customer details, uses an event tracker and helps automate sales force.

Netsoft Impact HRM

Impact HRM is a human resources software that works with Netsoft Impact ERP and lets users recruit and handle employee information and a variety of tasks that HR staff members tend to encounter. The platform allows users to to record job details, track attendance and time, manage leave and configure company structure.

Netsoft Impact ERP

Impact ERP is a modular ERP software solution equipped with a wide range of features designed to help users run companies. The platform allows users functionality for accounting, supply chain management, manufacturing and inventory control.