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The Pros and Cons of 4 Top CRM Services

Customer service is one of the most influential brand differentiators. It has the power to retain purchasers or to chase […]

Nimble CEO Jon Ferrara & the Social CRM Revolution, Part 1

Nimble has quickly established itself as a leader in social CRM software, winning awards and recognition from PC Magazine, Gartner, and more. In our exclusive Q&A, Jon Ferrara talks about what makes Nimble unique and shares his insights about the CRM industry and how social has transformed customer relationships.


Nimble is CRM software designed to automate data entry processes from multiple sources, consolidates team information including contact information, calendars and social interactions, and identifies key contacts in order to build connections. The platform is accessible via mobile app, provides sales and marketing automation tools, and is equipped with social listening and engagement tools.

Nimble – Deals Tab

Check out the Deals tab in Nimble.

Nimble – Custom Fields

Watch this video to learn how to create custom fields in your Nimble account.

Welcome to Nimble – An Overview

A general overview of Nimble. Watch this tutorial to get started.