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OneDesk Project Management

OneDesk Project Management is project management software designed to assist MS Project users with online collaboration and project tracking processes. The platform is equipped to generate Gantt Charts, build task and project timelines and capture and record employee time through timesheet functionality.

OneDesk Product Management

OneDesk Product Management is product lifecyle management software that assists users with capturing and managing ideas, product requirements, build releases and product hierarchies. The platform enables users to share in-progress plans, analyze customer, team member and business partner ideas, and centralize requirements management activities.

OneDesk Customer Service

OneDesk Customer Service is customer service software designed to connect users with their customer base through feedback management, support tickets and customer engagement. The platform enables users to connect customers with company-defined development flows, as well as provides a customer and community portal that allows customers to suggest ideas, report issues and participate in community discussions.

OneDesk Inc.

OneDesk allows you to connect customers, employees and partners to your business processes. It is a suite of tightly integrated […]

OneDesk Complete

OneDesk Complete is collaboration software that works as a unified solution for product management, project management and customer service. The platform supports product development processes by promoting items from feedback into either product items or project items, as well as shares support and development information between sales, marketing and customer service teams.