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– OneSite SocialCore Network Platform

SocialCore Network Platform is a community forum software solution that allows users to build complete community websites. At the start, users can create webpages through a WYSIWYG editor, manage online content, set up design themes and integrate social media channels into pages.

ONEsite Hosting Platform

ONEsite Hosting Platform is an enterprise-level hosting service that integrates with a CMS such as Drupal, WordPress or ONEsite’s own Social Network Software. The platform allows users to work with MySQL databases, email accounts, PHP support, domain forwarding and SSL.

ONEsite Social Networking Software

ONEsite Social Networking Software is a community software platform that assists in building enterprise community websites using social networking and content management tools. The platform allows users to work with plugins, widgets and APIs with a drag-and-drop layout.

ONEsite Single Sign On

ONEsite Single Sign On is a social monitoring software has social integration and is an identity management product that allows users to access popular social media through a single login identity. The platform allows users to use one social login as authentication for another social service, reducing implementation and operational costs.