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– OpenPeak

OpenPeak is mobile device cybersecurity software that provides security on personal devices, contractor devices, company-liable devices, applications, and voice and data services. The platform is available both on a direct and licensed basis as well as via carriers to government, education and enterprise customers.

– Openpeak Adam

Openpeak Adam is a mobile device management software suite with a comprehensive set of features. The programs support BYOD and work across all laptops, smartphones, and tablets to set device policies, wipe and lock lost ones, and update and modify apps.

– Openpeak Sanction

Openpeak Sanction is a part of the Openpeak Adam software suite and handles all your mobile devices. You can either use the program as standalone or with other products in the Adam suite to gain additional functionality.

– Openpeak Sector

Openpeak Sector works in BYOD environments to ensure that each device’s business data remains separate from its personal data. The program divides your personal and business data into two profiles.

– Openpeak OpenShop

Openpeak OpenShop is an app store designed for use by developers, companies, and service providers alike. The program works throughout entire app lifecycles, starting with the developers.

– Openpeak Spectrum

Openpeak Spectrum is a personal information manager that can secure a number of your device features and apps. For e-mail, the program safely handles all attachments and stores your messages.