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– Openpeak Sanction Review

Product Snapshot


Openpeak Sanction is available as a SaaS solution that requires no additional hardware.

Customer Focus

Openpeak works with small and mid-sized companies.

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About Openpeak Sanction

- Openpeak Sanction Openpeak Sanction is a part of the Openpeak Adam software suite and handles all your mobile devices. You can either use the program as standalone or with other products in the Adam suite to gain additional functionality. For devices, you can track each one’s location, update firmware, assign devices to users, and disable certain features. Each device is controlled by policies you set, and you can send alerts to device users and groups. Lastly, Openpeak Sanction provides you with performance reports you can use to help adjust and optimize your settings.

About Openpeak
Openpeak was founded in 2002 and is headquartered in Florida. The company has technology partnerships with Box, bigtincan, and Splashtop.

Openpeak Sanction Key Features

  • SaaS mobile device management software solution
  • Supports BYOD and all laptops, smartphones, and tablets
  • Monitors each device’s location
  • Can manage firmware, user access, and access to certain features, such as camera, speaker, and microphone
  • Uses and enforces user-defined policies to help with device management
  • Can send alerts to devices
  • Generates performance reports so that you can optimize your policies

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