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– Palo ETL

Palo ETL is a free, open source software data analytics solution that lets you extract, transform, and load data from various sources.

– Palo Web

Palo Web is a free, open source, web-based planning, analysis, and reporting software suite with five applications: Spreadsheet, Pivot, User Manager, File Manager, and ETL Manager.

– Palo for Excel

Palo for Excel is open source business intelligence software that aids you in the areas of planning, analysis, and reporting. The product comes as a simple Excel extension application and grants you the same features of Palo OLAP

– Palo OLAP

Palo OLAP is multidimensional database software that prides itself on speed. The in-memory OLAP software has the capacity to be 100 times faster than a disk-based database, allowing it to support multidimensional formulas and data write-backs.