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PROCAS Expense

PROCAS Expense is expense report software that ensure that companies abide by government procurement laws and the principals of the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR). The platform maintains a complete record of the maximum rates for lodging, M&IE (meals and incidental expenses) and mileage reimbursement. This database is cross-indexed for all Federal Travel Regulations (FTR) listed cities and counties.


PROCAS Time is timesheet software designed specifically for government contractors. The platform allows users to customize timesheet setup in order to reflect specific timsheet periods, approval groups, approvers and project approvers. The software also allows managers to view real-time timesheet data and monitor hourly usage and activity.

– PROCAS Timesheet and Expense Report Software

PROCAS’s Timesheet and Expense Report solutions are intuitive, comply with government requirements for auditing, and collect data that can be exported to a number of payroll processors. The expense report software streamlines the difficult task of recording employee expenses by daily updating per diem rates set by the government, categorizing expenses, and updating managers with up-to-date e-mails about expense reports. The timesheet software offers users a fast, easy way to record their hours.

PROCAS Accounting

PROCAS Accounting is financial and project cost accounting software designed for service-based government contractors. The platform is equipped with built-in financial, project backlog and profitability reporting tools, complete General Ledger functionality, and is built to deliver business insights out-of-the-box.