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– PROCAS Timesheet and Expense Report Software Review

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About PROCAS’s Timesheet and Expense Report Software

- PROCAS Timesheet and Expense Report SoftwarePROCAS’s Timesheet and Expense Report solutions are intuitive, comply with government requirements for auditing, and collect data that can be exported to a number of payroll processors. The expense report software streamlines the difficult task of recording employee expenses by daily updating per diem rates set by the government, categorizing expenses, and updating managers with up-to-date e-mails about expense reports. The timesheet software offers users a fast, easy way to record their hours.

PROCAS was founded in Maryland in 1997 and has been profitable ever since. In addition to their timesheet and expense software, PROCAS offers consulting services and accounting software for government contractors.

Project Accounting Software Features

  • Hosted on PROCAS’s secure, fast servers
  • Databases are backed up daily
  • Intuitive displays for both employees and management
  • Generates reports that comply with government standards
  • E-mails notifications to supervisors on submitted employee and expense reports

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