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Quest Foglight

Foglight is an IT infrastructure monitoring software solution that helps users watch over all app performance across networks. The platform allows users to work with physical assets, virtual assets and most types of apps to show how efficiently users interact with them and the system can identify areas where lag time exists, see how users react to issues and shows places where users abandon a service.

Quest Toad Intelligence Central

Toad Intelligence Central is a business intelligence platform designed to simplify file sharing and data provisioning across data analyst teams. The application allows users to share all Toad artifacts including diagrams, query files, scripts and SQL files with other Toad users.

– Quest Software Help Desk Authority

Quest Software Help Desk Authority is a service desk solution that helps your business recognize, track and close issues, minimizing lost productivity while ensuring optimal resource utilization. Quest Software Help Desk Authority has customizable elements such as screen layouts, data fields, and work flows.