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– Rapid-I Rapid Sentilyzer Business Intelligence

Rapid-I Rapid Sentilyzer is a real-time system that is the solution for a no end-user configuration and automated categorization that meets the needs of BI organizations looking to improve their competitive edge.

– Rapid-I RapidAnalytics

Rapid-I RapidAnalytics is a data mining and predictive analysis solution, providing shared repositories, user management, and web-based, anytime access to reports. RapidAnalytics is open source software, where employees can work in a shared environment with dedicated computing power for collaborative but optimal results.

– Rapid-I RapidDoc Document Management

Rapid-I RapidDoc is a document management system that categorizes your documents based on keywords and auto-learning capabilities. No configuration is required. Users provide training texts that calibrate the solution. Rapid-I RapidDoc also provides a detailed overview report of the categorization results to ensure performance is optimal.