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– Rapid-I RapidDoc Document Management Review

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Rapid-I RapidDoc meets the needs of small to large-sized organizations in various industries that look to improve their document management capabilities.

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About Rapid-I RapidDoc

- Rapid-I RapidDoc Document ManagementRapid-I RapidDoc is a document management system that categorizes your documents based on keywords and auto-learning capabilities. No configuration is required. Users provide training texts that calibrate the solution. Rapid-I RapidDoc also provides a detailed overview report of the categorization results to ensure performance is optimal.

Rapid-I is a privately-funded organization founded in 2006 and headquartered in Germany. Rapid-I was the winner of the OSMB “Open Source Business Award” in 2008.

Rapid-I RapidDoc Key Features

  • No end-user configuration required
  • Real-time categorization
  • RapidMiner data analysis engine
  • Distribution changes
  • Automated document classification
  • Professional Rapid-I staff maintenance
  • Predefined document classes

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