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RedPoint Customer Data Platform

RedPoint Customer Data Platform is a lead management software solution that optimizes all lead interactions. At the start, users need to upload leads into the program and can work with a wide variety of source types.

– RedPoint Visual Analytics

RedPoint Visual Analytics is a big data analytics software solution that works with marketing campaigns to measure total reach. The program comes with a number of reports and graphs that can cleanly display the results of a marketing campaign.

– RedPoint Planning

RedPoint Planning is a financial management software solution that reports on financials and ROI from marketing campaigns. The software can use a number of prepackaged measurement tools to compare actual results against forecasts to see how much ROI is achieved.

RedPoint Master Data Management

RedPoint Master Data Management is a business intelligence platform designed with three key areas in mind: data, insight and action. The software helps users solve problems by extracting data from structured and unstructured sources to create a multi-dimensional view of each customer.

RedPoint Customer Engagement Hub

RedPoint Customer Engagement Hub is a marketing automation software solution that works across multiple channels to build relationships with customers. Users start out by segmenting their customer database and creating a targeted campaign for each customer group with a WYSIWYG editor.

RedPoint Data Management & Quality

RedPoint Data Management & Quality is a data management platform designed to help organize a business’s data so that it’s employees can make better decisions. The platform allows users to extract, transform and deliver any structured or unstructured data form any source.