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– RedPrairie Transportation Management

RedPrairie Transportation Management streamlines transportation operations, reduces costs, complies with shipping regulations and provides control over the entire transportation process.

– RedPrairie On-Demand WMS

RedPrairie On-Demand WMS is a comprehensive system that handles inventory or warehouse management tasks with powerful, up-to-date tools and metrics.

RedPrairie – Matthew Clark Case Study

Matthew Clark, a leading drinks supplier to the on-trade, increased stock accuracy, cut training time, and increased revenue by implementing RedPrairie’s WMS.

RedPrairie – Case Study of Cummins

Cummins transformed their Warehouse from a paper based system to an efficient link in their supply chain using RedPrairie’s industry leading WMS.

Interview with John Bailey of RedPrairie

Interview with Retail Industry Director, EMEA John Bailey of RedPrairie

RedPrairie Overview Video

An overview of RedPrairie Corporation