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This product is no longer available
This product has been renamed or acquired by another company. You can find the new product offering at JDA Inventory Optimization.


– RedPrairie On-Demand WMS Review

Product Snapshot


Web-based software as a service

Customer Focus

3PL/Contract Logistics, Food Service, Healthcare, Hospitality, Wholesale Distribution, Warehouse Operators, Logistics and Transportation

Select Customers

Unilever, Habitat for Humanity, IntegraCore, Markley Enterprises, ADS Logistics, Argent Associates, Kaplan Early Learning

Customer Success Stories

Unilever, Habitat for Humanity, Georgia-Pacific, ADS Logistic Services

About RedPrairie On-Demand WMS

- RedPrairie On-Demand WMSRedPrairie is a singular, comprehensive system for handling any type of inventory or warehouse management task with powerful, always-up-to-date tools and metrics. Multi-site or single site, small, medium and large enterprises are in full command of complex supply chains from purchasing and receiving to shipping and workforce mobilization. RedPrairie’s on-demand automation is easy to use, and its intuitive navigation engenders increased productivity across all facets of operation.

About RedPrairie
For nearly 40 years, RedPrairie has propelled commerce and business operations for top companies the world over. RedPrairie continually drives supply chain, workforce, and all-channel retail success by increasing transparency and collaboration among producers, distributors, sales floors and the customers on them. With a presence in over 50 countries across 60,000 customer locations, RedPrairie is a trusted name in inventory, transport, and productivity enhancing workforce systems. Based in Alpharetta, Georgia, with 25 sales and service centers across the globe, RedPrairie’s 1,600 employees can customize a solution for any type of business large or small. A growing enterprise, RedPrairie acquired Shippers Commonwealth, Escalate Retail, and SofTechnics in 2011.

RedPrairie On-Demand WMS Key Features


  • Record and track history of POs
  • PO support for multiple sites and warehouses
  • Match POs with real receipts
  • Autofill a wide array of details
  • Streamline receiving operations and purchasing
  • History-centric performance-based ratings assist supplier sourcing
  • Custom report generation for suppliers and purchasing

Receiving & Put-Away

  • Simultaneously receive against several POs
  • Blind receipt, product and PO receiving capabilities
  • Put-away inventory auto-assigned by site
  • Manage and sort product by inventory/bin qualities across special sites and multi-sites
  • License plate incoming assets/inventory immediately
  • Auto-adjust inventory records and metrics upon receipt
  • Generate and filter multiple reports of items received
  • Prepare or disallow blind receipts
  • Single click exporting of receipt history and details
  • Auto-trigger  vendor payments

Inventory Control

  • Actively convert and manage purchase, storage and sale currencies and other units of measure
  • Control, view, pick and sort inventory using serial license numbers
  • Robust multi-site management capabilities
  • Automatically generate stock-out reports and re-order triggers
  • Set up and capitalize on cycle counting by locations, inventory use, and groups
  • In-depth inventory reports with easy viewing and exporting capabilities

Order Fulfillment

  • Simultaneous order creation and check on inventory throughout all warehouses
  • Autofill customer info upon order generation
  • Select and enable optimum fulfillment based on warehouse
  • Create relevant shipping docs and pick tickets directly from the sales order
  • Status sorted sales orders and shipping reports: active, open, approved, picked, shipped, closed
  • Custom templating by order


  • Detailed reports across customers, status, due dates, and ship dates are easily viewable and exportable
  • Use sales orders to create shipping docs and pick tickets
  • Assist floor operators with default picking points
  • Define pick and ship workflow by multiple characteristics
  • Autofill customer shipping info upon ready order status
  • Easily identify the most efficient warehouse to fulfill orders from
  • Auto-generate billing upon shipment
  • Utilize user-generated pick policies by item, customer and warehouse
  • Easy-print custom labels and shipping docs
  • Interface smoothly with parcel companies

Inventory Gadgets

  • Quickly access summary info about the entire inventory operation using the On-Demand WMS application home page as an easily viewable dashboard
  • Access info from any device with an Internet browser, including mobile devices
  • Compatible with the latest browsers
  • Customize views and permissions for each and every user
  • Without having to launch the application, make it easy for users to quickly get the right information
  • Access quick-glance info anywhere on your desktop by adding gadgets to the Google Desktop sidebar


  • Partnerships with Motorola, Honeywell Scanning, Psion Teklogix, Mobility and Intermec offer mobilized warehouse management tools that make real-time inventory and order info available anywhere on the floor


  • Pre-Built Solutions – Integrates with common systems such as CRM, web stores, ecommerce/ shopping carts, barcode labeling, parcel posting, transportation management, order management, RF/RFID mobile solutions, point-of-sale, procurement, freight optimization and floor automation
  • On-Demand WMS APIs – Support processes, documents and data, including sales, purchasing, inventory, shipping, billing, etc with APIs that connect applications through Web services or .NET XML
  • Import/Export – Use templates to import  locations, items, orders, licenses/tags, business affiliates; update key contacts, item details and dollar values with minimal hassle; validate incoming  data automatically so employees can avoid disorganized spreadsheets and endless review
  • Encryption including 128-bit VeriSign SSL Certifications and 1024-bit RSA public keys

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